28th December 2010 – Silves

28 12 2010

Another day in Silves. We would have probably moved on today, somewhere by the beach perhaps, but the weather forecast for the next few days is apparently pretty grim so we decided to stay put as we have the comparative luxury of being parked on tarmac so if it does belt down at least we won’t be in a load of mud which would get into the motorhome and generally depress me. I managed to get out and take some photographs of the town today, nothing to shout about really but it’s been a while since I have gone out somewhere, by myself, specifically to take some photos. I wanted to show what the town was like as the overall view I posted the other day doesn’t really show the character of the place. So I wandered around a bit and took some photographs of doors etc (my usual ‘lets get taking photographs again’ subject) and then just some general shots of the area. I wasn’t particularly inspired to be creative I have to say so I shall probably have another go another day.

Cafe Life, Silves

Church Steps

No. 23

I’m a bit in advance with the blog today as I spent the mid-afternoon sat in the cafe in the swimming pool using the free wi-fi and taking the opportunity to charge up my laptop batteries as both had discharged completely. Running the charger through the inverter is possible but it takes lots out of the leisure battery and as the sun isn’t out much the battery isn’t really being topped up enough from the solar panel. Never mind, the coffee is only €0.65 and it’s a pleasant enough place to be.




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