25th December 2010 – Silves

25 12 2010

Christmas Day in Portugal, slightly surreal as it’s only the second year that we have been out of our natural country for the festive period, and, last year we only left the day before Christmas. I must admit thast I secretly wanted to make it down to the Algarve for Christmas but didn’t actually think we would do it. As it was we had a most relaxing day. It rained very heavily during the night and this continued into the early morning, when we got up at about 9.30am however, the clouds were starting to disappear and the sun started to come out. We spent the early part of the morning opening cards and presents that we had bought with us and then talking to family and friends for a while, giving up on Skype as the connections were so bad that it was impossible to hold a conversation of any length. By the time we had done all of the talking the temperature had risen to around 16 degrees and we considered leaving Silves and heading down to the coast so that we could cook our ‘Christmas chicken’ outside on the BBQ. We decided to stay put though and went for a walk into the town with Jack to see what was open.

Up by the castle walls we found a small bar that had numerous people sat outside and hearing the conversations were in English we sat down and ordered two small beers. We sat chatting to a few people, some with toy reindeer antlers on and, in the conversations found that one of them knew the owners of the caravan site we work on in Stratford, small world! Beers drank and conversations over we headed back to the motorhome and I cooked our starter of prawns in garlic which we both thoroughly enjoyed. The chicken had been marinating in crushed black pepper and garlic for some time and, after a while, was put on to cook. We had that with cubed potatoes cooked with chorizo and a side of tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber, not the most traditional Christmas fayre but damn tasty. We relaxed for a while before washing up and then headed off into the town again just after it fell dark, finding a cafe open we had a coffee outside and took in the ambience of the situation very relaxing. The evening was spent reading and letting our dinner go down.

All in all a really nice Christmas day. The way we feel at the moment we will be stopping where we are for a few more days and then maybe we will move on somewhere else, somewhere by the sea perhaps.




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26 12 2010

Merry Christmas!

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