24th December 2010 – Silves

25 12 2010

Lorna suffered after last nights shenanigans and barely left the motorhome all day. In the morning I was up and about, with a slightly numb head, and taking Jack for a walk around the town of Silves where all of the market traders were out selling their wares, mostly fresh fruit, vegetables and of course roasted nuts. Other places selling what looked like hot battered bread had queues outside them. Jack and I strode through the mayhem of the market (Jack as usual getting many stares and being barked at by many a small yappy dog), and up the hill to the castle walls where folk were sat outside the small cafes drinking coffee and relaxing.

Back at the motorhome, Lorna was still feeling rough and my concoction of belly pork served with rice and peas didn’t particularly do a good job of stopping the sickness. We said our goodbyes to Neil and Caroline who were heading off for two nights in a Hotel in Sagres prior to making their way back home to Spain in a few days and promptly moved the motorhome into the spot that they had vacated. An Italian couple had turned up next to us and they had a huge white fluffy cat which they let out a lot, even taking it for walks with them. We didn’t get Jack a Christmas present but didn’t think that it was a good idea to have that temptation right next door to us!

As the sun came out on what had previously been a fairly overcast day I sat outside and read for a while before taking jack out again and letting the patient sleep for a while. Our Christmas Eve tea was one of Heinz tomato soup and bread, simple but very tasty.




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