23rd December 2010 – Barragem de Pego do Altar to Silves

24 12 2010

After a quick chat with the folks also parked up at the Barragem we left heading toward the Barragem Monte da Rocha with a promise that we would let them know if it was busier there. On the way we stopped off at a supermarket and stocked up ready for Christmas, thinking that if the Barragem was busier we would stop there as it is such a lovely location. When we arrived however it was very quiet with only three motorhomes there, none of them parked up by the cafe that is so famous for it’s chicken. We had a bite to eat and decided to travel the extra hour or so and go down to Silves, hoping that maybe things were a little busier there.

We pulled into Silves town at around 4.30pm and were happy to see that there were plenty of motorhomes parked up there. We drove past the one part of the parking area and then went to the other, hoping to park near some grass we returned to the original area that we went to and were very suprised to see that Neil and Caroline (Neil of http://www.clubmotorhome.co.uk who we met up with last year and have been in contact with ever since) were there as well. We were most pleased. After jack was walked, we had a sort out and then went for a pre-dinner drink with our friends. That ‘pre-dinner’ drink ended up being a bit of a session as we chatted for hours and ended up missing our dinner all together. Happy days!




One response

24 12 2010

Love the update Steve – it brings your story to life.

Have a good Christmas you two/three!

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