22nd December 2010 Obidos to Barragem de Pego do Altar

22 12 2010

It was raining again this morning so the planned trip back into the town of Obidos to purchase more chocolate and take photographs was abandoned and instead we paid our 6 Euros for the night, topped ourselves up with water and headed off. We decided in the end to head for Barragem de Pego do Altar where we stopped last time we were in this area, a parking area right on the banks of a large reservoir. Last time we visited it was extremely busy but we had heard along the grapevine that part of the area had been fenced off, cutting by two thirds the amount of parking space available, but we thought we would have a look anyway, it would either be heaving or empty.

The drive there took us through a few large towns which looked very uninspiring indeed but that was probably to do with the amount of rain that was falling. At times driving was difficult and the wipers, on full speed, were finding it difficult to remove the amount of water being thrown at us as we went along our way. The rain didn’t seem to put off some of the ‘road workers’ though as in many lay-bys there were ladies plying their trade under umbrellas. I had to convince Lorna that they were not just there waiting for a lift, poor naïve Lorna.

We arrived at the Barragem after receiving probably the biggest soaking that we had had all day, the roads were flooded and virtual rivers were running across them, making it quite dangerous in places. As soon as we pulled up the rain abated and the sun came out, the temperature was up at nearly 16 degrees and it was all of a sudden very pleasant indeed, we had a spot of lunch and then took Jack for a walk.

22-12-2010 Barragem de Pego do Altar

Compared to last time we were here it was extremely quiet only one large converted coach (owned by a Dutch man) and two other vans were here (both British), either it was the time of year that had reduced numbers or the fencing off of part of the parking area. I’m guessing that it was a combination of the two, rumours and news of parking restrictions seem to travel fast in the motorhoming community so the people who usually Winter here are probably somewhere else, possibly Barragem de Monte da Rocha.

22-12-2010 Barragem de Pego do Altar2

We spent the late afternoon just relaxing, enjoying the peaceful surroundings, reading and discussing on where to head tomorrow if anywhere, it’s so relaxing here it’s going to be difficult to move on but we are not sure we have enough supplies to last us up to and including Christmas (Christmas dinner could end up being pasta), plus I would like to have internet access over the core festive period so we can talk to and see family and friends on Skype, something we can definitely have do Silves, my favourite town in the Algarve.




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