21st December 2010 – Figueira da Foz to Obidos

21 12 2010

We did decide to leave Figueira da Foz fairly early on, kind of prompted by the fact that a shop alarm just over the road was going off all night up until 6am, so another night of disturbed sleep, more for Lorna than me but disturbed none the less. We chatted for a good while to the two British motorhomers who we had been sharing the parking area with for the last few days and then made our way, well, south. We didn’t really have a plan other than to head down toward the aire at Obidos which we had been told was quite nice and, as luck would have it, Peniche was also close which we had also heard good things about so off we set at about 11.30am on the 2 and a bit hour journey.

The weather wasn’t brilliant, not raining heavily but fairly consistently on the journey, despite this it was still warm at about 14 degrees so it ended up being quite a nice, steady drive down. For some strange reason Jack was having a bit of a smelly day, something to do with his morning walk/run on the beach where he must have rolled in a particularly smelly bit of sand, he stank and so a good shampoo was on the cards for him. We arrived at Obidos and went straight to the aire to see what it was like (N39*21.384′ W009*09.405′). It was just outside of the town which was fortified, it had water and a dump station for E6 for an overnight stop, not bad, though just a little isolated and with no other motorhomes there we decided to have a look at Peniche to see what was there, it was only half an hour away.

Peniche is a densely populated little peninsula with beautiful beaches and rocky cliffs. We had been told that parking overnight was ok anywhere on these cliffs and also at the Intermarche supermarket was on option but after a good drive around we decided to return to Obidos for the night. We would need a water refill after giving Jack a wash so it made sense to return there as we could sort Jack and ourselves out and fill up again in the morning before heading off again.

Back at Obidos Jack was shampooed and smelling much better. We get the impression that he was grateful of the wash as he was very calm throughout even when I was pouring a watering can full of luke warm water over him to wash him down. We dried him as well as we could and then set off for a walk around the walled town. We were very glad we returned, there was obviously some kind of Christmas celebration going on so there were lots of kids about going into what must have been a fairly sizeable ‘grotto’ inside the castle walls, we didn’t go in as there was a charge (misers!).

21-12-2010 Obidos

There were stalls lining the narrow streets selling everything from chocolate drinks (apparently the place is famous for it’s chocolate) to roasted chestnuts. Lorna bought some chocolates from one of the shops there and they were gorgeous, but at 1 Euro each they needed to be. Walking around the town was very nice and it’s a place full of character, I’ll probably go for another walk tomorrow to take some more photographs.

21-12-2010 Obidos3

Tea was pepper chicken which was excellent, a real treat. Plan for tomorrow is to eventually head toward Barragem de Monte da Rocha where we stopped one night last time and had that great chicken dinner!




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