20th December 2010 – Figueira da Foz

20 12 2010

After a much better nights sleep we were up fairly late still. The weather was dull and grey so we decided to go shopping for supplies and to get some more water for our tank.

We went first to the biggest supermarket in town where I hoped that not only would we get the shopping done but also that I would be able to buy a new iTouch to replace my broken one. The electrical section of the supermarket was seperate to the main store but there was no sign of any Apple products there which suprised me a bit. The actual supermarket section of the huge building was too enclosed for Lorna so we moved on to the place down the road, no shopping done. We managed eventually to park at the other place, a large complex with a cinema, food court, loads of shops and a supermarket but again it was all a bit enclosed for Lorna so whilst I went off in search of electronic devices she had a coffee at the McDonalds there. I failed again to find a replacement iTouch. They had them at one of the stores but only the 8Gb model which is not what I want, I need at least 32Gb for everything that I need to go on it. When I met up with Lorna again it was nigh on 2pm so we had some dinner there, Lorna a cheeseburger and me a huge pork meat kebab with chips from another store, it was delicious.

Having given up on the iTouch search we drove to Lidl and Lorna got the shopping in whilst I filled the van up with water. Back at the parking place we decided that it was about time Jack had a walk so off we went into a part of town that we hadn’t seen before, more shops and cafes that we never realised were there. We wandered around and got back to the motorhome just in time as the rain started which continued and is still hammering down as I write this.

We are considering driving down to the Algarve tomorrow, it’s 3 3/4 hours if we use the tolls (6 1/2 without) but i think it might be worth getting down there quickly and then doing our ‘visiting places’ on the way back up in February. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. For now though it’s double Corrie if we can get a signal on the dish.




3 responses

20 12 2010

“double Corrie” – priorities!

It’s very cold here in Shropshire – more snow is forecast for tomorrow evening and Wednesday. I’m jealous of your rain!

21 12 2010

Me too! I want a hot snap!!

21 12 2010

Hi you two!

Glad all’s going well….

We’re at Altura at the moment but will be moving over to Sagres for Xmas Eve, if you are down here let us know.



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