19th December 2010 – Figueira da Foz

19 12 2010

I’ll start today’s blog at 11pm yesterday, when after an hour in bed we were woken up by a club across the road from where we were parked sparking into life and announcing the live band for the evening. From that point onwards it was a sleepless night as the music blasted out for ages and ages, in fact consistantly up until 4am. We were treated to a pretty poor (from where we were) covers band who played everything from Hey Jude to the Spice Girls in a ‘rock stylee’, very loudly indeed. They obviously have different laws about noise here in Portugal. At 3am I was outside giving Jack a walk and having a ‘stress fag’ as I just couldnt get to sleep. Eventualy, at 4am the music abated and finally I managed to drop off, despite the numerous cars starting their engines and leaving. A warning to people who may potentially stop at Figueira da Foz………don’t come on a Saturday night unless you fancy either a night out or a sleepless one.

Obviously, since the night was long we stopped in bed until the late morning and then, after showers, didn’t really feel like doing much so whilst Lorna made a lovely tomato and red pepper soup for our lunch I took Jack for a walk around the town,narrowly avoiding the rain. After lunch we both really chilled out reading our books until we finally decided to go out again to walk along the port to see the fishermen on the jetty as the sun began to set (that’s about five hours summarised in a sentence there, thats how chilled it was).

Throughout the day, the 31 vans that were here in the morning slowly decreased in numbers to leave about 10 stationed at around 6pm, still more company than we have been in in recent weeks and we reckoned that this would decrease further as we approached Christmas.

I’m writing this blog on Lorna’s notebook as my iTouch has finally given up the ghost and decided that it no longer wants to charge at all. The sync lead just will not make a connection at all now so I simply can’t get any power into the thing to allow me to use it. Annoyingly, when I visited the Apple website to get a contact email address I was presented with ‘your device is out of warranty, you may have to puchase a support ticket’ kind of message. This is really annoying, the iTouch is barely out of warranty and, in my opinion, I should be entitled to some sort of support for such a critical problem but, without paying I can’t get it, there is not even a general email contact address, shocking really. So, tomorrow we plan to visit the large supermarket just outside of town to get me a replacement. A brilliant bit of kit but it really shouldn’t be going so badly wrong so soon.

I have been considering, after losing my phone also, that I should purchase a iPhone 4 and get an all in one solution for my needs but I’m unsure that if I buy one here that I would be able to use it with a new SIM card in the UK.Better safe than sorry I think where that amount of money is concerned, also not sure on contracts or pay-as-you-go options in Portugal. Damn technology, love it to bits but it’s a right pain when it goes wrong.

After writing this we are looking forward to watching the final of The Apprentice and having an earlyish night and, hopefully a bloody good sleep………..all this chilling out can be tiring!




5 responses

19 12 2010

“five hours summarised in a sentence there, thats how chilled it was” – I like it! Sorry to hear about the iTouch

19 12 2010

Are you sure it’s the iTouch itself…? Can you not just get another lead?
You and technology eh?!

20 12 2010
Steve Green

It’s definitely the iTouch i’m afraid, even a new lead didn’t sort the issue out and now the connection is virtually impossible to make and maintain đŸ˜¦

19 12 2010

Not surprised that you needed a chilling-out day after that late-night racket. No fun. If you really need to chill, Shropshire is the place to be right now -brrrrr!

24 12 2010
lorna green

I was relieved to hear Hey Jude at 2am because isn’t that supposed to be a grand finale type song? Apparently not.

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