18th December 2010 – Figueira da Foz

19 12 2010

We had left the heating on it’s lowest setting overnight and it didn’t kick in until around 5am when the temperature dropped just before sunrise. We were ‘about’ but barely up at 9.30am and watched the outside temperature rise steadily as the sun made it’s was upwards lifting the temperature to a pleasant 14 degrees. Lorna was first out, taking Jack for his morning walk and then venturing to the Tourist Information office to see if there was a Christmas Market on. Whilst she was there she also got information on free wi-fi, what was the traditional Portuguese way to celebrate Christmas and what would generally be on the menu. She apparently got drawn into a long conversation about Yorkshire puddings by the enthusiastic information officer who, after Googling them thought that the photo showing a ‘yorkie’ with gravy was actually a ‘yorkie’ with a caramel sauce. They don’t have Yorkshire puddings over here.

When she returned we both got chatting to the folk next to us who we remembered from our last visit here, they stay for months. After this we successfully got online and Lorna Facebooked for a while before we both took Jack for a good walk along the seafront. We decided that, as it was a Saturday, we should have lunch out so Jack was dropped off and we went along to a restaurant that we visited last time.

It didn’t live up to the quality we had before from the same place unfortunately, both of our chip portions varied been cold and luke warm and the service was quite poor with the waitress looking thoroughly depressed and as if she was about to burst into tears at any point. We felt sorry for her so left a 10% tip and exited without ordering a sweet or coffee. Quite disappointing really, when you decide to spend the days budget eating out it really needs to be nice otherwise it really seems to be a waste of money.

Back at the motorhome I did what I wanted to do online including a bit of ‘Skypeing’ to family back home and it was then that we heard about the awful weather there, snow, snow and more snow it seems. We caught up on the news and then settled down for a very quiet evening, me starting to read The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart which I randomly selected at Waterstones in Stratford-upon-Avon before we left.




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