16th December 2010 – Palencia (Spain) to Vilar Formoso (Portugal)

18 12 2010

We were in no rush to complete our ‘three countries in two day’s challenge’ today as the journey to our selected stop over in Portugal was only estimated at just under three hours, so, we were last to leave the aire in Palencia at 10.30am.

We headed off and got onto the A62/E80 straight away headed toward Valladolid, only a fairly short journey. Staying on this road we passed Valladolid and the sat-nav informed me that the aire was 125 miles away and my next turn was in 124 miles so on went the cruise control at 60mph and potter along we did stopping only to fill up with fuel as we expected prices in Spain to be cheaper than in Portugal.

The road was lovely to drive on, smooth, fairly straight and not very busy and the bonus came when I found the RNE 3 radio station which played some great music. Normally I would have my iPod on through the radio but the issue with the charging/connectivity is getting worse again. My nightly ritual is to sit holding the sync lead in to charge it enough to write my blog and maybe play some games, the slightest move and it disconnects, most annoying indeed!!

We pulled up to the now defunct border control and sailed through into Portugal, minutes later we were parked up at the aire at Vilar Formoso (N40•36’55” W06•50’18”) and, having paid our €5 for the electric hook up went for a walk back to the Spanish border to have a look at the shops etc. When we returned I plugged in and promptly tripped the circuits putting the heater on, the sun was out and looking out you’d think it was boiling but it was only 7 degrees with a cool wind. A 4amp supply isn’t particularly useful but better than nothing I suppose.

The aire at Vilar Formoso

We are not sure where we will be going tomorrow but it will definitely be toward the coast.




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