14th December 2010 Mimizan Plage to Hendaye Plage

18 12 2010

A fairly simple plan today, get up, shower, pack up and get on our way to our last stop in France, Hendaye Plage. We stopped off there last year on our way down and found it a really useful stop off point, free, quiet and about as close to Spain as you can get.

The journey was only about two and a half hours and we stopped mid-way to refill our LPG cylinders, I was very surprised to find that we had only used around 10 litres since our last fill up in Telford. Always better to be full when going to Spain and Portugal as it’s not so available in those countries and we expect to be using a fair bit if the temperatures remain low at night, this morning we had ice on the side of the motorhome but when you are plugged in with a really good electric heater you don’t notice it’s cold outside.

After a light lunch when we arrived at Hendaye Plage we walked into town and had a wander around as the sun set behind Spain in the near distance casting it’s golden light on the coastal rocks of France.

Hendaye Plage

Up earlier tomorrow for the long drive to Palencia, our first and probably only stop in Spain before we hit mid-Portugal.




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