13th December 2010 – Mimizan Plage

14 12 2010

Today will be our last day at Mimizan Plage as we plan to leave tomorrow and continue our journey south into Spain and then Portugal. First stop will either be in Biarritz or, Hendaye Plage, just for a single night and then on again the following day.

The day today was a real relaxing affair and there is nothing to report other than a walk with Jack on the beach in the morning and me watching Terminator Salvation in the afternoon whilst Lorna chatted with Ken and Lynda. The evening didn’t offer much more, just generally relaxing and watching TV, hard life.

I think in the future if we spend a few days somewhere and not much happens I’ll summarise a few days in a single blog post as I can’t see that my general ramblings are that interesting.




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14 12 2010

Please don’t stop writing your daily blogs. The one thing that us ‘wannabee fulltimers’ want to know is what you do. You cannot be out and about everyday or travelling all the time but you must do something to pass your days ? It may be just sitting outside the van listening to music, reading a book, going for a swim, going to the shops etc. etc. This sort of information is just as interesting and informative as where you move on to, where you are going etc. I guess it can be difficult as there must be lots of lethargy days but as we imagine ourselves doing what you are doing, if you put yourself back into our shoes you will realise that what is of little importance to you could be of interest to us (hope that makes sense ?).

18 12 2010
andy bubble

just got loads of snow dumped on us tonight. loads and loads….steve i disagree. i love your ramblings, the details, the menus the dog walks, the afternoon films, the bike rides. i want a blog a day. not a weekly summary!

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