11th December 2010 – Mimizan Plage

14 12 2010

Lorna’s birthday today so after getting up and opening presents we walked Jack on the beach, it was 13 degrees and quite pleasant. We had eaten out on our anniversary but decided that for the birthday celebrations we would cook at home.

After walking along the beach with Jack we passed by the local butchers and ended up spending nigh on €40 on food there, chicken, steak fillets, steak pave, vegetables and a serving of the locally produced ‘rillette du canard’. Back at the motorhome I set about cleaning down after our many kilometers whilst Lorna started on the lunch. We now have a gleaming motorhome.

The starter was superb, local duck and pork with bread and a green tomato salad from Telford. The main was one of the best steak I have had. The steak at the restaurant the other day was nothing on this. Chips and salad on the side, job done.

I took Jack for another walk as the sun set on the beach. And then the evening was spent eating cheese, drinking wine and mainly relaxing.




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