10th December 2010 – Mimizan Plage

14 12 2010

Today’s job for the day was to get the washing done. We needed to wash everything from towels and clothes to our bed linen so we were up fairly sharpish but still didn’t manage to get out until nearly mid-day. The drive to Mimizan itself was one of about 8km and though we had a brief description of the location of the place we really had no idea so we were thankful to see a sign for the ‘laverie’ on an island. We also were pleased to see that we could park directly outside.

Inside, we loaded up a 18kg machine and set it going, the display said 55 minutes til finish so we got back in the van and headed off to the recently built McDonalds for a cup of coffee and an internet session. I wanted to catch up on my blog uploading and flickr updates so it was an ideal opportunity. The time soon went and it didn’t seem more than half an hour had passed and our alarm went off to remind us to go. Luckily I had done virtually everything that I needed to do.

Back at the Laverie we set the tumble driers going and I chanced upon a free wi-fi signal so a bit more internet time was allowed, I stuck with my iTouch and Lorna fetched in her notebook, great distraction from watching washing tumbling around for half an hour! We needed a few things so when all was done and folded we headed back to the supermarket, had a burger and did a small amount if shopping. We also spotted a mobile phone shop so went over to see if we could get a French SIM card for me to use in our spare phone. We waited and waited but decided in the end to leave as it was clear we were not going to get served any time soon. We’ll keep looking but we’ll be in Portugal soon so a French SIM will be next to useless as far as cost savings are concerned. Maybe I’ll just get a new phone when I get back to the UK, one with a SIM that gives internet access!

Back at the aire, Lorna sorted the washing for further drying whilst I took Jack for a run on the beach as the sun set, after that we both went for a short bike ride and then settled in for the evening with a nice pasta dish and plenty of cups of tea.




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