9th December 2010 – Mimizan Plage

9 12 2010

A late start to the day was followed by a good walk into town and them back along the beach with Jack. The high temperatures of yesterday disappeared and we covered up as the 9 degrees outside was made to feel colder with a cool breeze. As it was our anniversary we decided to go for lunch at one of the restaurants we saw open yesterday.

The €18.50 set meal included a prawn starter for Lorna, crab for me, beef for us both for main and a creme brûlée for pudding. My crab was superb, two tiers separated by thin and crispy wafers and prepared in a spicy, almost curry, dressing. Lorna’s prawns came as is with a lovely home made mayonnaise. Our beef was served with chips and a small side salad but the best bit was the onion gravy. Delicious!

A quick trip to the supermarket was followed by an afternoon catching up on the Twilight DVDs, the latest, interrupted by the idiocy of Coronation Street where the substance of the soap was further defiled with the ridiculousness of the current 50 year celebration plots.




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