8th December 2010 – Mimizan Plage

8 12 2010

By the time I got up it was 10.30, British time, i still haven’t adjusted my clock to our new continental hours but the main thing that took adjustment was the weather we had outside, 18.5 degrees and fairly sunny! Excellent.

Jack had his first run on a beach for a long time and took no time at all to run around like a nutter, find a fir cone and run around with that like a nutter too, he loves the wide open space on the beach. we all walked for a while, Lorna practicing her balancing on her recovering ankle, me taking in the surroundings and taking a few photos.

Balance Practice

Back at the motorhome I got the bikes off the back and whilst Jack was left to sleep, Lorna and I cycled into town to have a look at what was open. It’s our 5th wedding anniversary tomorrow and we were toying with the idea of going out for lunch. We found three open so may well do that tomorrow as our little treat. Mimizan is a nice place to cycle around, flat and very quiet at this time of year, Lorna got used to her new bike very quickly.

Mimizan Plage

The late afternoon was spent having a long, late lunch after I returned to the supermarket at 3.30pm when it re-opened from lunch break and bought some cheese, bread and wine. The three necessities when in France. Another walk with Jack later on and the darkness came so we settled in for the night.




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