5th December 2010 – La Suze-sur-Sarthe

5 12 2010

We have had a rest day today, not that we particularly needed one but we thought why not?

Using the open wi-fi connection that we have managed to find we have been making the most of using Skype to talk to our family. Skype is an amazing little program and it will end up saving us so much money on mobile phone bills it’s ridiculous, 40p per minute on a mobile to the UK and 1.4p per minute on Skype, all we need is an internet connection and we are off.

We took Jack out for an early afternoon walk around the town, taking in the delights of the railway station as a TGV thundered past, the small town centre which was mainly closed, the ‘Salle de Fetes’ (Village Hall – Closed) and along the river for a bit before it started spitting with rain. We then retreated to the comfort of the motorhome along with our fresh baguette where I updated my blog (including this post) and then proceeded to watch TV, after first moving the motorhome so the satellite dish wasn’t blocked by a tree.

Tomorrow we shall set off again and head toward Saumur, we may go further, we may stay there………..it’s all very relaxed at the moment, particularly as the snow has gone and the temperature has gone up a bit.




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