4th December 2010 – Le Treport to La Suze-sur-Sarthe

4 12 2010

With our only aim being to head south we set off at about 11am despite being told by the other motorhome owner that today might not be the best day as the roads would be frozen and icy following a little rain overnight. I was confident however that the roads would be fine so we emptied all of our waste and set off, first stop the petrol station as we needed to fill up. Diesel in France is much cheaper than in the UK, not quite as cheap as in Spain but a definite saving at €1.18 per litre.

Le Treport
Our Hymer parked up at the aire in Le Treport

We set the sat-nav for Mimizan Plage as that is where we intend to end up within the next week or so and decided to just go and stop somewhere when I got tired of driving or the conditions got too bad. We were soon heading uphill from Le Treport and onto the flat landscape of Northern France. Driving on straight roads through miles of fields wasn’t too bad apart from the occasional snow drift which forced me onto the other side of the road, the snow was thick in places but not in others. Just as we headed into a little town called Londinieres we drove through a forest and the road there was fairly dangerous so the pace was incredibly slow. Last year I was impressed by the way that the French seem to have road clearing under control but on this trip it seems that we are seeing a different side of things.

Realising that we were getting nowhere fast we decided to hit the main motorway and get some distance done, even if it was a toll road we just wanted to get further south and out of the snow. We got onto the A28 and headed toward Rouen and the pace was much quicker but even this motorway was down to one lane at times. We passed around Rouen and then started on the road toward Le Mans, after a while the snow all but disappeared and we were driving on clear roads, even the temperature seemed to go up. This part of the journey was a toll road and for 119 miles we were charge €33, not the best way to save money but in this case it was needed so that we could make the distance and escape the snow.

We then decided to head for La Suze-sur-Sarthe, to an aire that we used earlier in the year on our way back to the UK. €3 a night, electric hook up and an available wi-fi signal, doesn’t get much better than that. We arrived just before dark and Lorna cooked a cassoulet for our tea, very warming and extremely filling. Meanwhile I managed to blow a fuse by unplugging the Sky box and trying to locate the power socket without isolating it. Need to find a 10A fuse now though it’s not too desperate. We’ll stop here for two nights I think, it’s quite pleasant and we need to catch up budget wise.




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5 12 2010

keep it coming Steve…x

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