3rd December 2010 – Le Treport

3 12 2010

We ran out of water again today so another trip to the supermarket was called for as the service point was still frozen up. We only needed a small amount for washing up and we were hoping that the weather would improve later in the day so that we could fill up properly from a hopefully thawed service point.

We have a small niggle with the motorhome at the moment in that the waste water in the kitchen and bathroom sinks does not appear to be flowing away properly. It’s helped when the waste water tank lid is unscrewed so it’s something to do with pressure. I’ll have a proper look tomorrow!

On our walk with Jack this morning I took this photo.

Walking jackWalking Jack

The great thing about being on electric hook up is that i can take my photos and spend as long as I like messing about with them in Photoshop without fear of running out of power. I’ve got too used to my creature comforts it would seem.

It was much warmer today as the temperature reached a balmy 4 degrees mid-afternoon so as expected the service point thawed and we were able to fill up completely. Tomorrow we will leave Le Treport and head south. Plan is to head toward Le Mans and see how far we get!




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