2nd December 2010 – Le Treport

2 12 2010

Lorna was up late last night checking news and weather reports to see when, if and how bad the snow was going to be should it arrive. She didn’t glean a great deal of information unfortunately, other than it was quite bad in the UK.

We got up fairly early comparitively, and after the initial look out of the window confirmed that it was snowing, further checking of the TV news channels was carried out. Neither of us was complately sure what to do, head South and hope for clear roads and a decent aire at the end of the days journey or, sit it out here where we know we have electric to run the heater etc. We decided to leave the site and head out to Mers-Les-Bains, the neighbouring town, and see if we could pick up a free wi-fi signal to check the forecasts online. We parked up and soon found an open connection but really failed to glean much information about how things were fairing apart from that on Saturday things looked as though they were going to get better. So, the decision was made to spend a couple more nights at Le Treport and see what happened on Saturday.

Next job was to source a lead for my iPod Touch and get some shopping in (including water as the service point had frozen and I needed a shower!) At the supermarket we bought minced pork, mushrooms, eggs (which we later discovered we were charged twice for), peppers, water and two bottles of wine……..a bargain at €13.39. I had to try another supermarket to get the iPod lead but that was soon sorted and despite it needing a bit of a wiggle to make the connection properly at least it now works!

We headed back to Le treport, paid for the two extra nights and settled in, heater on, Jack walked, TV on, wine open. We chatted to another motorhome owner there who said that Rouen was blocked so it was a good decision to stay the extra nights and move on later.

Shame about England not getting the World Cup eh!




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