1st December 2010 – Le Treport

1 12 2010

A most relaxing day today, the heater was on all day taking advantage of the electric hook up and it was well appreciated as the temperature didn’t rise above 0.5° all day. I managed to finish a small DIY job that i had been meaning to do for a while, fashioning some new door stays from a leather belt that I had bought in Manchester at the weekend and a damn fine job I did as well if I might say so myself, very professional looking 🙂

One small issue today, my iPod had decided that it no longer wats to connect to either my laptop or my car radio via the USB lead. I have an idea that it’s the lead itself that is the problem so I shall be looking for one of those in the next few days. Strangely, all of my music has also disappeared from the device too and I can’t get it back without the lead. I need my iPod as it’s what I write my blog on every day so hopefully this won’t turn into another Hewlett Packard situation, doubt it as iPods are pretty universal so I should pick a new lead up quite easily………hopefully!

A mid-afternoon walk into the town af Le Treport for a coffee was nice and on the way back the snow started.

Le Treport
Le Treport Town from the aire

Having already discussed and decided that we were going to head along the coast of France toward Brittany when we left in the morning the plans again came up for discussion as we had no idea what the weather was going to do. Freezing temperatures and snow aren’t a great combination so the idea of getting South as soon as possible started to hold some real merit, plan to get south of Rouen for our first stop then head further South to Mimizan Plage in time for Lornas birthday on the 11th.




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