30th November 2010 – Dover to Le Treport

30 11 2010

After a tiring day yesterday we were up with the alarm at 6am with time to have a cup of tea, give Jack a walk and get to the port ready for our 7.30am sailing across the channel. We got there just in time for the 7am latest check in and didn’t have to wait at all, being ushered straight onto the ship as soon as we got to our lane. The crossing was smooth and as we neared the coast of France the view was pretty much the same as when we had left England, misty, dank and white. It appeared as though there was more snow over on the continent than we had experienced in Dover but later news confirmed that we had left at the right time, missing the worst of the British weather.

We were straight on to our first destination of Le Treport, a middle sized town right on the coast. We selected this place as we had visited last year after our fun at Ault just up the road, it was a busier aire and it had both water and electricity. One thing had changed this year however, an  €8.60 charge per night had been introduced. We decided to have a nose at two other aires close by before settling down and the first was at Mers-Les-Bains, just around the corner. This one was less attractive, had no electric and appeared to have a few caravans on it, something that is actually not allowed. The second aire we went to look at was also in Le Treport but the sat-nav tried to take us up a narrow and steep road so we didn’t bother, electing to simply return to our original choice (N50°03.396′ E001°23.215) and pay the Euros. Feeling is that we will have a few nights here and see what happens weather wise. The snow seems to be heading our way from the UK!





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