An Update…..

13 06 2010

Since we returned to the UK early I have had numerous emails asking when the blog is going to be be updated again and what we are currently doing with ourselves so i thought I had better post an update and put some life back into my blog.

We returned in haste, arriving back on the 11th May in time for a family funeral. The travel plans were cut short by about six weeks and, at the time of writing this we should have still been abroad……..seems like ages ago that we were there. We had no real plans about where we were going to live or what we were going to do. Some friends of ours who live on a farm had said that we were welcome to stop there and made great efforts to make this possible by actually removing a large gate post so that we could get our motorhome onto their drive. the weather was fine though and I managed to get out and take some photos at least, this is the lane that runs close to the farm.

Down the Lane

We spent two nights there before going to stay at my mothers house as she was away on holiday.

It was actually quite a strange experience to be in a house with three bedrooms, a kitchen, lounge, dining room and garage again, after spending so many months in the smaller confines of the motorhome. We both felt like we were rattling around a bit to be honest but it did give us an opportunity to get back into some kind of routine, particularly with Jack who had been without a decent routine for a while. So, we had a house to live in, internet access and a means of transport (the motorhome), almost back to normal living.

These were taken on one of the walks that we did with Jack along the canals in Wordsley.

Canal View

Wordsley Junction

Red House Glass Cone

During our time at the house I contacted our insurance to start the process of getting the repairs done on the motorhome. he usual phonecalls were made and actually dealing with the insurance company wasn’t a problem, apart from the fact that they couldn’t find an approved repair centre at first. The problems started when the company that did the estimate were insistant that once the parts had been ordered for the repair they wanted the motorhome on their premises, apparently they had had problems in the past with ordering parts for insurance jobs and then the customers not returning, leaving them with the parts and no payment from the insurance company because the job hadn’t been done. Despite me explaining that I actually lived in the motorhome and I couldn’t afford for them to have my home sat on their forecourt doing nothing whilst they waited the three and a half weeks for the parts to arrive, they were sticking to their guns and suggesting that I carried on living where I was at the time. Numerous phonecalls later it was sorted after I told them that I would leave them a cheque to the value of the parts to ensure that I would return to get the repairs done. As it turns out the insurance company paid upfront for the parts so it was all a bit of a non issue anyway.

Whilst all of this was being sorted out Lorna was hard at work looking for jobs for us both. She came across a job advert for wardens on a caravan site in Stratford upon Avon, about an hour and a quarter from where we were living. She phoned up and we were called for an interview, so a day or so later we trundled down to Stratford upon Avon and met the Managers of the site as well as the owner. We were shown round and the job was explained., we both left about an hour later with a good feeling and we were right to have it as later that evening we were offered the job and asked to start in two days time, they even said they would provide accomodation for when our motorhome is in for repair. Result.

So, here we are, working 30 hours per week each on a caravan site just a mile outside of the historic town of Stratford upon Avon, starting at 9am only two mornings per week and having both Sundays and Mondays off. No toilet cleaning, no shower cleaning, Lorna in the office and me cutting grass, pitching caravans and generally looking after the holiday makers on site. It’s not a hard job, busy at times but not stressful and it will allow us to work until the end of September (or possibly October) and, as we have no expenditure other than our food and drink, we can raise enough money to go travelling again toward the start of November when all of our appointments are out of the way.

New and improved lifestyle complete! Happy days indeed, just need to get out and take some more photos now!


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