9th May 2010 La Suze sur Sarthe to Caudebec-En-Caux

10 05 2010

We said our goodbyes to the people we had met on the aire and started our 217km journey to La Mailleray sur Seine which was an aire that we had visited on our way south in January.

We made a decision to use the normal roads as opposed to the tolls, the sat nav was telling us that despite being further on the toll roads using them would get us there quicker. From experience we knew this wouldn’t be the case as we don’t reach the speed limit on the motorways so using them would actually be a bad idea as it would be more kilometres as well as taking us longer. The roads today were exeptionally quiet, we travelled for ages without seeing any signs of life at all so we made good ground. This was the case until we hit a small town where they had a big market going on which we had to drive straight through, slowly.

We headed into La Mailleraye sur Seine and things changed a bit, all of a sudden there were lots of people about, something was definitely going on. We had heard that the aire was inaccessible as there was a big fun fair on the land and as we headed into the town centre we saw that the road was closed, we headed out of town just in time to avoid becoming part of a big procession including marching bands and stilt walkers, though we did get quite a few long stares from the assembled crowds. We knew of another aire just a little further down the river at Caudebec-En-Caux (N49•31’15 E000•43’38) so we headed there and squeezed into a tight parking spot before we had a late lunch/early dinner.

Tomorrows job is to get Jack checked over and his passport stamped at the vets before we make our way to Le Toquet for the night before heading to Calais to catch our ferry back to the UK on Tuesday evening.




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