10th May 2010 Caudebec-En-Caux to Le Touquet Paris Plage

10 05 2010

The day didn’t start as badly as it got later on. We set the alarm to wake us so we could get to the vets first thing. We woke, had a small breakfast and a cup of tea and headed over the large bridge that spans the Seine and went into the town of Caudebec-en-Caux to visit the vet. Typically my sat nav decided to take us actually into the town and I was presented with narrow steets with bollards along the side, nothing that I haven’t had before but it does make for some difficult manouvering at times. I lost my concentration for the briefest of moments as I approached a crossroads where two of the three exits were no entry and the only exit was made more difficult to negotiate due to poor parking when there was a loud scrape from my offside. I’d hit one of the bollards leaving the one side of the motorhome with scrapes and dents in it. Not at all happy, especially as now I will have to claim on my insurance to get repairs done. The driver that had parked right on the crossroads had to come and move her car so I could get around the corner and, after a bit of repositioning I got out of the town and parked up on the front ready to go to the vet.

We walked to the vets and they couldn’t see us until 12.30 so we walked around a bit and had a coffee in a bar before returning to the motorhome to wait for the appointment time.

When that time came we returned to the vet and a nice lady weighed Jack before we actually saw the vet. Jack had maintained his weight so that was a plus. In the surgery section the lady vet talked to Lorna about Jacks breed as she hadn’t seen a Lurcher before and then proceeded with his health checks, all fine. Tick treatment done she then have to give Jack an injection. He has had injections before and has not been bothered by them but this was different. She produced a fairly ling needle, maybe just over an inch long and primed it with the drug before holding up some skin on the back of his neck. No problem so far. When she put the needle in Jack wailed and tried to get away meaning that she had to withdraw the needle without sucessfully getting the drug in. She asked us to hold his head and she did the same again but Jack reacted in the same way and again she had to withdraw before getting the drug in. Jack was now really nervous but strangely lay down, still crying. The vet had to change the needle and try again, this time sucessfully but Jack was not at all happy, crying like I have never heard before. The vet explained that the injection stung a little. Jack can be a bit of a wimp at times but he was clearly not at all comfortable and was on the floor crying and trying to get to where he had been injected to scratch it, he couldn’t so the vet gave him a good rub there and it seemed to do the trick. Within a few seconds he was fine again, it seemed like ages though. Poor Jack.

It was soon poor us when we were presented with a bill for €58 made up of €26.50 consulation charge (not bad for 10 minutes eh!) €18 for the injection and €13.50 for one treatment of Frontline (in the UK we pay around £10 for three treatments). I had read that the normal charge for the necessary treatments to repatriate a dog into the UK would be anything from €20 to €50 so we felt royally ripped off.

We then made our way to Le Touquet which was a drive of around 185km. We got there at about 4pm and had a spot of lunch before walking around to try and find the town as we really wanted to eat out that night. Luckily the town had quite a few restaurants so we headed back to the motorhome and later, after giving Jack a good run by the beach, we wandered back into the town to eat.

We found the busiest restaurant and went in and sat down, Lorna ordered a bottle of wine for us both and then the steak pave for her, I ordered the mixed grill. Lorna had a feeling that it wasn’t going to be a decent bit of steak and her thoughts were right as when it arrived it looked both thick and juicy but it was nowhere near as tender as we had had elsewhere, even from a supermarket so it went back and she had the entrecôte instead which was much better. My mixed grill was fine. It wasn’t exactly what we had in mind for our last meal in France but we both had a good night of it anyway. Back at the motorhome we had a glass of Pineau each and retired to bed. Not a good start to the day but it ended well.




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