8th May 2010 La Suze-sur-Sarthe

8 05 2010

The furthest we drove today was as far as the water drain and tap so that we could replenish our water supply and dump our waste. We had a rest day as we both needed a break from the four hour journeys that we have been having to get us up to the north of France ready to catch our ferry back to the UK. Of course, nothing is quite that simple as we had to locate a vet so that Jacks passport could get stamped which has to happen between 24 and 48 hours before we arrive back in England. Dennis and Shirley to the rescue!

We had just returned from giving Jack a good walk and had filled and emptied our water and relocated slightly so that our electricity cable would reach the free power supply when Dennis and Shirley walked past and said that then would be a good time to use their laptop to book the ferry. We both went over to their motorhome and they had a really good wi-fi signal from a network that I hadn’t seen, even walking around the town with my iTouch searching for an accessible wi-fi signal. Those little repeater devices really are superb and one is definitely on the must have list now. We managed to book a P&O ferry from Calais to Dover for 6.25pm on Tuesday next week, though I ended up having to phone to book as there was no option to add a dog on the website. Then I found a site which gave details if vets by French region number and we located one that was close to our next stop tomorrow, excellent!

Las Suze-sur-Sarthe

The remainder of the afternoon was a wet one as the rain came down fairly consistently, that gave me a chance to watch some more Star Trek and Lorna to finish her book. Inbetween this I wandered up to the town to get a baguette for our dinner of hot dogs with some lovely sausages I bought yesterday and today’s nice fresh bread.

A most relaxing day which was a much needed break before we set off again tommorrow, headed for an aire we used on the way down in January, St Mailleraye-sur-Seine, just west of Rouen. A nice quiet spot right on the banks of the river Seine.




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