6th May 2010 Biarritz to Montagne-sur-Gironde

6 05 2010

Today’s journey was one of 294km from Biarritz to a little town north of Bordeaux and south of La Rochelle called Montagne-sur-Gironde, it looked like a nice place in our aires book and it wasn’t far off of our intended route back to Calais.

First thing we took Jack for another run on the beach at Biarritz before heading to the supermarket to get a fresh baguette and some stuff for breakfast on the way. The journey again involved the use of toll roads, but, on this occasion the sat nav was saying that by using them we would save over an hour on our journey so it seemed worth it considering our now tighter schedule.

We hit the motorways fairly quickly after leaving Biarritz and were quite happy pottering along at around 90-100km/h for the majority of our route. We stopped at a motorway services just north of Bordeaux and had ham on a baguette for lunch and then continued our journey. Once off the motorway we travelled through the beautiful French countryside with grape vine fields stretching far into the distance and through small villages with the kind of French architecture that we remembered from our journey south five months ago.

We arrived at Mortagne-sur-Gironde and found the aire easily (N45•28’34 W000•47’34), a lovely spot right next to a riverside marina opposite a row of traditional French houses with some restaurants along the front, gorgeous.

The marina at Montagne-sur-Gironde

We parked up and then moved after we realised that the motorhome we had parked next to had a cat, no need to stress Jack we thought. We then walked Jack for a good 45 minutes and when we returned we noticed that one of the lock up stalls not far from where we had parked had opened up, as it happened it was the stall of a local vineyard that was selling both red and white wine as well as Cognac and a locally produced beer. We obviously had to visit and bought a good stock for both us and presents for our nearest and dearest for when we return to the UK next week. The beer was the first locally brewed ‘ale’ I have seen since we set off in December 2009 so I had to try some. The woman selling it said it was very good and it had Cognac in it, I should think so, it was 7.5%!

Vine, Window, Door

We took our purchases back to the motorhome and had a chance to try some of them out, all superb, our nearest and dearest are very lucky! Dinner was steak with potato salad which we ate whilst watching motorhome after motorhome turn up. After this we planned the route for tomorrow, undecided at the time of writing but sure to be a reasonable distance again.




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