5th May 2010 Palencia (Spain) to Biarritz (France)

5 05 2010

We set off from Palencia a little later than we had anticipated and hit the road at around 10.30am (11.30am Spanish time as we still hadn’t adjusted our clocks). We had decided that we would use the toll roads as we could cover the distance we needed to more quickly than using non toll roads, plus the fact that the normal roads had more tunnels on them than the tolls and Lorna is not comfortable with tunnels at all.

We headed from Palencia toward Burgos and then from there toward Bilbao on the toll road. We had no idea how much the toll would be and unfortunately you don’t find out until you get off, in our case over 150km later. Lorna estimated €10 but it was no suprise to me to be charged nearly €18 for the use of the road, I abhore paying tolls! After this we decided to set the sat nav to take us to Biarritz which, from where we were was suprisingly close, around an hour or so away.

It would have been an hour away if it hadn’t have been for an accident on the motorway we were on which delayed us for a good 40 minutes. Once through this we then hit three more toll booths, one for over €7 and the other two for around €2 each…….I hate paying tolls, did I mention that?

We stopped off at the Intermarche in Biarritz to get some meat for our dinner as our recent diet has been quite poor (Burger King, eggs and ham and other ‘snacky’ food) but couldn’t resist a big chunk of brie, some bread and some chorizo to go with our lamb and lentils.

It had rained for the majority of the day and when we pulled up at the Biarritz aire it stopped for long enough for me to take a recently neglected Jack out for a good walk and a run on the beach, something that he appreciated greatly seeing the way that he exitedly ran around like a nutter on the beach.

Dinner was had with a bottle of Portuguese wine and then plans were made for our journey the next day which will take us up to the Bordeaux area, another 3 hour plus drive.




2 responses

10 05 2010

Something tells me you don’t like tolls. 😛

12 05 2010
Steve Green

I don’t like ’em at all!

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