3rd May 2010 Almeida to Izeda

3 05 2010

We had already decided that we now needed to get moving through the rest of Portugal, make the passage through northern Spain as quick as possible and get back into France, it was just the route that we hadn’t really decided on. Lorna was all for driving straight to Burgos in northern Spain in one go from Almeida but I fancied going to the aire in Izeda which looked nice in the book. I convinced Lorna that this was the way to go as we would still be heading north and then we could jump on a motorway the day after and get well through the north of Spain. I was wrong. It turned out that Burgos was further away from Izeda than it was from Almeida so we had a long drive for practically no gain today. However, the drive through the Serra do Reboredo and the Serra de Bornes was amazing, winding roads going uphill and down, the huge river Rio Douro and the massive expanse of olive trees, grape vines and nut trees, some on rows and rows of steps carved into the sides of the hills, quite incredible scenery.

The road to Izeda

Strangely on our journey from the south of Portugal to Almeida the roads had been of pretty good quality and I was starting to think that maybe I shouldn’t have made such a fuss about the roads on our way from the north down. But it seems that the roads are much worse in the north of the country than in the south, as today we again had some very bumpy rides indeed, making our 153km journey much less comfortable than it should have been.

We arrived in Izeda late afternoon and pulled up alone on a lovely parking spot right in the middle of this small town (N41•34.053′ W006•43.385′). We walked into the main part of the town and tried to find a small supermarket to get a bit of food for our dinner, after a few tries (including a visit to a gardening shop that also sold beer) we found one and bought what we needed before heading back to the parking spot where, not much later, another three motorhomes pulled up, all French.

The church at Izeda

We had our dinner and a nice quiet, relaxing evening, both of us quite tired after the boozy afternoon yesterday and the long drive today.




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