1st May 2010 Idanha-a-Nova to Almeida

1 05 2010

We moved on from the campsite in no particular hurry today, no rush in the cleaning out of the motorhome, no rush with our showers and no rush with the packing up. We eventually got back on the road at about mid-day heading toward the town of Almeida slightly north of where we were.

The drive there took us through a very small town the name of which I forget, possibly Proenca-a-Velha, but, I will always remember being smiled at and waved to by a woman who must have been in her nineties, all dressed up in what looked like traditional Portuguese clothing, bless her. From there we headed toward Penamacor and then onto Sabugal which looked like a lovely place.

We arrived at Almeida a fair while after as my driving was also extremely relaxed as the views across the Portuguese countryside were just too good to be whizzing past at 80km/h, we found the main car park to the walled town but this was not the place we had been told about by Joseph, our Belgian friend from Monsaraz. We had a quick walk into the town to see if the Tourist office was open and despite there being an open sign on the door it was definitely closed.

Almeida Fortress

We decided on a late lunch and Lorna bought some ham from the small shop in the town and we went back to the motorhome, chatting to some French motorhomers on the way, they were stopping at an aire around 40km away. After lunch we returned to the tourist office and coupled with a quick phonecall to Joseph we found the unsigned parking place for motorhomes (N40•43’39 W6•54’16) which had both water and electricity all provided free of charge. We parked up next to another French motorhome and then went to have a good walk around the town.

Now, photographically I like my doors and windows and this place was just like heaven on earth for me, how Lorna kept her patience I will never know as I kept disappearing up various side streets to have a look at what the town had to offer in that regard, decaying doors and windows a plenty! Sheer joy!

Almeida Door

....and another, with washing!

......and another!

After a good wander around we went back to the motorhome and had a treat of a tea, baked beans and mashed potatoes. Life just doesn’t get any better than this.




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