29th April 2010 Marvao to Idanha-a-Nova

30 04 2010

After both having a shower and then filling up our water tank from the tap close to where we parked we left Marvao at around 10.30am, on our way to the town of Castelo de Vide which we wanted to have a look at. On our way we passed a supermarket so we nipped in to restock on certain bits and pieces. When we arrived at Castelo de Vide the parking there was difficult and the one spot we found wasn’t appropriate as our front end was left jutting out into the road so we moved on fairly swiftly heading for the Barragem a few miles up the road, Barragem da Povoa. We had thought that if there were motorhomes there we would maybe stop the night but, apart from a Dutch guy, we were the only ones there, a gorgeous spot though with a couple of abandoned houses and a rather ramshackled cafe.

Abandoned house at Barragem de Povao

.....and a close up of the bird nesting on the chimney

We cooked our lunch, using the remaining bacon from our Morrisons visit in Gibraltar, washed up and then headed toward the town of Nisa on route to our final destination of the day, Idanha-a-Nova, where there is an Orbitur campsite, always good value, in this case just over €25 for two nights.

When we arrived at Idanha-a-Nova we couldn’t find the campsite and could only see one sign for it so we drove around for a bit and eventually resorted to asking at a garage, the only instruction we received was to turn left at the island, so we did this and after negotiating a rather steep and twisty road we picked up a sign for the ‘Campismo’. If we had wanted a place close to town we would have been most disappointed as the campsite was actually on the banks of Barragem da Idanha, maybe 10km away from the town and practically in the middle of nowhere, gorgeous spot though.

We booked in and quickly found a nice pitch. Before the staff had even arrived to connect us to the electric the awning was out as were the deck chairs, allowing us to spent the remainder of the daylight hours sat outside relaxing.




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