25th April 2010 Valverde del Camino (Spain) to Monsaraz (Portugal)

26 04 2010

It was obviously going to be a blazing hot day today so after we got up we took Jack for a walk into the town of Valverde del Camino, being a Sunday everything was closed up but we still had the chance to see the church and walk around the narrow streets taking in the ambience of the place.

We returned to the motorhome and set off for Monsaraz which was around about 2 hours away. The journey would take us out of Spain and back into Portugal whilst still heading north. Lots of people that we have met have said to go to Monsaraz and as we approached the town we could see why.

The fortified town of Monsaraz

The fortified town sits on top of a hill with car parks on the one side, the designated motorhome parking (N38•26.544′ W007•22.801′) is right below the fort walls and high enough up to give fantastic views over a massive expanse of water and the further out into Spain, a fabulous spot. Lorna had already read that the town was noted for it’s roast lamb dinners so when we had parked up we took a walk into the small town with Jack hoping to find a restaurant with outside seating. The town was much smaller than we had envisaged though, there was only a handful of restaurants and only one with outdoor seating, which was full.

The parking area for motorhomes.

It did turn out to be a blazingly hot day and I think Jack was actually grateful to get back inside the motorhome which had kept relatively cool. I opened all of the roof lights and the bathroom window to let what breeze there was in and left Jack to have a sleep whilst I returned to the town to meet Lorna who had bagged us a table in a restaurant. We both wanted to try the roast lamb but unfortunately they had sold out so we both had grilled lamb chops which were the most tasty, tender and well seasoned I have ever had.

The bell tower at night

Back at the motorhome we got chatting to a couple from Bruges who had parked close to us and we then spent the remainder of the day with them, walking up into the town later on to watch the sun set and then sitting outside on deck chairs in the cool night air, swapping notes on locations and sharing a few glasses of wine.




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