24th April 2010 Ronda to Valverde del Camino

24 04 2010

I was up at 8.30am (Spanish time) with a bit of a dicey stomach which had affected me in the night too and, for the rest of the day I didn’t feel my best.

Keen to get a move on though we busied ourselves having a good clear out of the motorhome, doing a bit of washing and then finally emptying and filling our water before checking out if the site at Ronda at bang on mid-day (Spanish time). We then made our way to our mid point between Spain and it’s border with Portugal,Valverde del Camino, on an aire which had been recommended by Graham and Diane a few weeks earlier. The journey was just over 220km and with a stop to have some lunch we arrived at just after 3.15pm (Spanish time).

The journey there took us out of the mountainous region surrounding Ronda and then onto the much flatter landscape south of Seville, very nice scenery to be travelling through. We went around the outside if Seville, going in exactly the opposite direction that we were when we went from Altura to Cadiz, we even went past the supermarket where I filled up on that journey too. From there on though we took a different route and continued the journey north, the landscape again changing to one of rolling hills of what can only be described as scrubland.

Pulling into the town of Valverde del Camino we were suddenly in an inhabited place again, whitewashed houses and a few busy cafes along the main road. The aire was located at the other side of the town, a nice flat tarmaced car park with specific places for motorhomes, this was more like it (N37•34.871′ W006•45.088′).

We parked next to one other motorhome and after we had sorted ourselves out the guy from the other motorhome came around and was gesturing and talking in Spanish. I had no idea what he was trying to say so he took me to the roadside and pointed at the sign, which was also in Spanish so I couldn’t make head nor tail of that either. He gave up eventually and we later worked out that he might have been asking if it was ok to park here. It’s a possible explanation but considering there was also a big sign in both English and Spanish with the ‘rules’ of the aire there I’m not so sure. Anyway, we took Jack for a short walk just as loads of people started arriving in cars, all dressed up and looking to be attending a wedding at the hotel next to the car park.

We got a bit of shopping in at the local supearket and then returned to the motorhome where Jack was most excited to learn that the guy next door had a cat with him. Great, that’s Jack on edge for the rest of the night we thought, but hr soon seemed to calm down and it wasn’t long before he was dreaming in his sleep, probably trying to work out a way of getting out of the motorhome for lunch.

We then sat at watched all of the guests of the function get back in their cars and depart. This was followed by a superb and much anticipated spaghetti with crispy bacon and a spicy tomato sauce. My stomach was feeling ok by this point so I forced down a bottle of Golden Glory too.

Tomorrow we head back into Portugal, God knows what time it will be there!




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