23rd April 2010 Ronda

23 04 2010

We are not quite sure what time it was when we got up because we haven’t changed our clocks to Spanish time and were unsure if we need to add daylight saving hours or not, so in the end we have decided to ignore the clocks for the time being and just get on with it.

We walked the 2km into Ronda town centre today and had a good look around, the weather wasn’t too hot so it made pottering about quite comfortable. The town itself is beautiful with some very dramatic cliffs that the houses and buildings are just perched on top of making some great opportunities for photographs, the skies were a bit difficult today so I was glad that I had thought to take along my ND Grad filter, made the exposures so much easier.

View to the Town of Ronda

Once over the old bridge that spans the deep gorge we were in the busy shopping area where we took the chance to withdraw some cash (needed to pay the campsite bill tomorrow!) and have a quick browse around the shops and the many restaurants, all of which looked superb I have to say.

Ther Bridge that Spans the Gorge at Ronda

The skies were beginning to look quite moody so I payed to go into the large bullring that is on the centre of town whilst Lorna held Jack away from the stray cats that he was so keen to say hello to, I wanted to get some nice photographs of the interior of the place.

Inside the Bullring at Ronda

After a short spell of rain we wandered back across the old bridge and I went with Jack down into the gorge to take some stock photos of the huge bridge, you don’t really get a sense of scale from above so it was a great experience to see it from a lower viewpoint. Lorna drank coffee at a small cafe whilst I made the descent and ascent, I had to wait a while in the gorge to make sure I had the best light for this photo.

The Bridge at Ronda from a low viewpoint.

The walk back to the campsite seemed much harder as it was mostly uphill and by this time the mid-afternoon sun was beating down hard. Back at the motorhome I spent a good while going through my photographs from the day whilst Lorna re-checked our route out of Spain before making a fresh sauce for our pasta and sausage dinner.




3 responses

23 04 2010

That’s quite a gorge! Did you have wibbly legs by the time you got back to the top?

23 04 2010
Steve Green

It was like being up the Wrekin again!

23 04 2010

Yes, there’s one just like that on top of the Wrekin! 😛

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