18th April 2010 Altura

18 04 2010

It rained heavily overnight and into the morning, in fact we lay in bed for longer than usual as it wasn’t worth getting up as neither of us fancied going out and getting soaked. Eventually the rain subsided and I got up to take Jack out for his morning ablutions. After this we needed to go shopping and so, after asking around other motorhomes where the nearest supermarket was, we left to go and get the shopping done.

The Ecomarche was quite busy and we managed to get all of the things we needed for just over €30, including a nice chicken, sausages, beers and various other things that we felt important (chocolate biscuits and sweets but don’t tell anyone). We returned to the parking spot close to the beach and took Jack for a run on the sands, egging him on to go in the water but he was having none of it.

I wanted to get my Flickr stream up to date so we drove around to the area where the wi-fi signal was available and I busied myself uploading photos, tagging them and adding descriptions whilst also sorting my iTunes out and downloading a couple of albums kindly uploaded for me by Stephen Burch aka The Great Park. I’m a huge fan and if you have not heard his music, you should (follow the link). My laptop battery started to give up about two thirds of the way through what I wanted to do so I plugged it into the inverter and started the engine to give me some power, something I really must sort out when we are back in the UK as I have talked with other people whose inverters run their laptops without any issues and without the engine having to provide the extra boost. My jobs done and the chicken marinaded by Lorna we headed back to our parking spot and gave Jack another run on the beach inbetween showers, of which there were many.

The dinner we had was superb, chicken, roast potatos and mushrooms all cooked brilliantly in the double skillett by Lorna, all washed down by the remaining red wine, something we need to stock up on!

Plans tomorrow are to head into Spain and go to a place called El Rocio where there is a wild camping spot apparently. Hopfully it will be because this place looks to be in the middle of nowhere. The road to get there looks interesting too, it runs all along the coast so we may well find somewhere to stop there instead! Happy days!




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