17th April 2010 Armacao de Pera to Altura

17 04 2010

At last we could move on from the 11 nights camping in Armacao de Pera! Not that being on the campsite was in any way tiresome or a bad experience, far from it, we had a most relaxing time, some wonderful weather and we got the chance to meet up with Neil and Caroline. But, it’s always nice to get moving again and even nicer to have the Hewlett Packard situation sorted out at last, one thing that I could have been stressed about removed and put into history.

By the time we had each showered, breakfast and carried out our jobs it was nearing 1pm, the sat nav set for the ‘aire’ in Altura which Neil and Cariline had liked so much they stopped for a week. The sat nav wanted to take me on the motorway but I wanted to go along the EN125 which offers a much more interesting drive, especially when you follow it too far and end up at Faro airport like I did. We turned around though and were soon back on track heading toward Tavira and then on to Altura where we found the car park pretty much straight away, thanks to the sat nav I must admit (N37•10.256′ W007•30.037′).

It was getting on for 3.30pm by the time we arrived and had settled in and we hadn’t had lunch so we headed to the nearest restaurant and had a very nice meal, looking out at the rain pouring down again. I had a nice piece of rare steak with peppercorn sauce and Lorna the seabass which was very substantial.

Suitably fed and watered I took Jack for a wander to find the limits of the free wi-fi they have in the town and was pleased to find out that it was just up the road from where we had parked. I took the opportunity to upload my latest blog posts and then I returned to collect Lorna and go for a walk on the beach. The beach seemed to stretch for miles but Jack still managed to befriend a rather tubby looking retriever who had no chance of keeping up with him as he teasingly kept running away. Some people on the beach were standing astounded at how quick Jack was running, I put it down to him being excited as he hadn’t had a run for ages.

After this we had a drive around the area to find a place to park to make use of the wi-fi so I could download a few programs I needed like the Firefox browser, iTunes, Faststone image viewer and Tweetdeck. I was pleased to have a speedy access to the internet in the comfort of the motorhome, all programs downloaded in minutes.

We have been considering what we are going to do for somewhere to stay when we return to the UK in late June and so I also fired off a couple of emails to get some quotes for extended stays at some campsites around where we used to live, there could be some interesting figures coming back I reckon, certainly nothing like the €10.50 a night including electric that we had just paid in Armacao de Pera that’s for certain.

After running my laptop battery to nothing we returned to the parking spot and had a quiet night in, reading, blogging and installing programs on my freshly charged laptop, thank God for inverters!




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18 04 2010
David Turner

The blog’s coming thick and fast, Steve. Great to read your news

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