16th April 2010 The strange case of the missing hard drive – Part 3

16 04 2010

Again today we considered moving on but things seem to conspire against us quite regularly now.

I checked with the reception of the campsite at 11am to see if any delivery had been made but there was nothing there. I went back to the motorhome and Lorna and I discussed a deadline to give up on it for the weekend and come back next week. We had a chat and talked through our options, do we just go out for the day and return, do we move on to Altura, do we go to Silves for the weekend. We decided to check emails and the UPS site for tracking information before making any firm plans.

In my email I had a note from HP Portugal saying that UPS had tried to deliver yesterday but apparently the address was incomplete and so they couldn’t. Ricardo had then explained to them that the address was a camping ground and that they should deliver to the reception. I’m assuming that when the fields were filled in on the order that my name was put in instead of the campsite name, despite me providing the full address of the campsite. UPS in this case would have not known that it was the campsite they should have been delivering to. Anyway, UPS now had all of the necessary information and would try and deliver today according to the email.

We walked down to reception again to make sure that the address on the leaflet was in fact the full postal address and it was so it must have been a simple admin mistake that was causing the delay. On our way back to the motorhome the heavens opened and a long spell of persistent rain started. With this we decided to stay put as we didn’t fancy getting soaked visiting one of the villages nearby.

We had a lunch of leftover spaghetti bolognaise from last night and then, at about 2.30pm there was a tannoy announcement asking me to go to reception. Well, the excitement was overwhelming! I made my way to reception and the receptionist smiled at me when I walked in. She handed me the package and pointed out the address which was actually nothing like the one I had supplied HP with, apart from the postcode numbers, no mention of the campsite at all, no wonder there was confusion.

Wrong Address

She then went back behind the counter and produced another package, exactly the same as the one I was holding. She had a massive grin on her face as she pointed out the address. The address on the other parcel was in Senhora de Rocha, this was the package that was obviously destined for the hotel a few weeks back, however, the dispatch date was exactly the same, 12th April 2010.

Two Wrong Addresses

I get the feeling that there had been a bit of a panic over at HP and in the confusion the wrong address was used. The package that was destined for the hotel also didn’t have the full address on it as it happens, but it looks as though a rather efficient delivery driver tied the two items together.

The saying you wait for one and then two come along together has never been more true!!!

Success - Persistance pays off!

I spent the remainder of the afternoon installing the new hard drive, installing Windows Vista, moving all of my photos and music back across from my external hard drive and installing various programs that I needed. Takes a good while to do all of that especially when I had to uninstall all of the ‘packaged’ programs and trials that came with the HP system recovery discs.




5 responses

17 04 2010

Well, I guess you now have a spare handy for emergencies! Very glad to hear the saga ended with success, however long-delayed. Now go off and explore some new places.

17 04 2010
andy bubble

so just to clarify, you now have 2 hard drives ? By the way, I saw a picture the other day in the Manchester Evening news of a man who had won 17M on the national lottery and i dont think his smile was bigger than yours. Good man Steve……Dont let let the bastards grind you down…..

18 04 2010

I’m very glad they didn’t try to fly your hard drive in from somewhere affected by volcanic ash!!

So glad to hear you’ve it now and I hope the installation of everything is going smoothly and that you’ll be back up and running photowise. I want to see some SG pics back on flickr!

18 04 2010
David Turner

Great news! I knew that things were looking up when I saw that you’d posted some photos to your flickr photostream a few moments ago.

19 04 2010
Simon Butler

Woo-hoo! Have been following this saga and I am so pleased for you that this has finally been sorted! What will you do with the 2nd one? Save it or eBay?

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