15th April 2010 The strange case of the missing hard drive – Part 2

15 04 2010

We had plans to move on to Altura today but those soon changed when I checked my emails late morning.

First thing this morning we started our preparations. Lorna finished off a bit of handwashing that needed doing before cleaning out our shower. I spent the morning sweeping out the motorhome and brushing the carpets off. Just before lunchtime I decided to update myself on the location of my hard drive which yestrday was in France. I was amazed to see that overnight it had made it’s way to Lisbon so it was making excellent progress and was much closer to me than I had expected. I then checked my emails and found one from Ricardo at HP Portugal which said that he had spoken to UPS on my behalf and they had told him that delivery would be made this afternoon.

I went back to the motorhome, told Lorna the news and suggested that we stay at the site to collect the delivery. I was thinking that if it arrived mid or late afternoon I would have time to install it and load up all the programs I needed to before the 7pm latest check out time for the campsite, we could then move on to Altura. Seemed a little too easy at the time but it was a plan at least.

We had our lunch and then went on a walk into Armacao de Pera with Jack, it was a lovely day, not too warm and not raining either, in fact the handwashing that Lorna had done earlier was nearly dried when we got back. We went via reception but no delivery had been made.

Plans never really seem to come off for some reason, especially where my hard drive is involved in any way, shape or form. I spent the afternoon doing various odds and sods, every two hours or so popping back to the reception to see if my delivery had arrived, each time, typically it had not.

The last check I made was at 5.30pm and still no delivery so we resigned ourselves to another ‘wasted’ day awaiting a delivery that didn’t arrive.

The rain started again at about 6pm so I didn’t bother checking with reception again, deciding to leave it til tomorrow when hopefully the delivery will arrive fairly early and I can sort the laptop stuff out and we can move on to Altura and beyond.




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