14th April 2010 Armacao de Pera

15 04 2010

We both managed to take Jack for his morning walk before the rain started and once it did start it didn’t stop all day, in fact the rain was so heavy at times that going out of the motorhome for even the shortest period resulted in a right soaking.

Lorna filled her time by giving our bathroom a really good clean out. The original way that we had organised it really wasn’t working as we now had bits and bobs everywhere so a good clean out was long overdue.

We had it in our mind that we would move on today and return when my delivery arrived, I had expected it yesterday but it hadn’t arrived. A quick check of my emails and Twitter showed that the hard drive was finally on it’s way to me, via UPS and with a tracking number. Tracking it showed that it had left the UK and was currently residing in the UPS depot in France. I was told that I would have it in 2-3 business days but looking at the information on the UPS site it was sent by standard delivery and not express, meaning that I would have to wait a bit longer than anticipated……again.

We talked about moving on to Altura where there is parking on the beach and apparently the town is wi-fi enabled with free access, but time was moving on and combined with the relentless rain we decided to stay put for one more night and move on tomorrow when hopefully driving conditions would be better. At least when we are in Altura I can check and know exactly when the item is delivered and make the shortish journey back to pick it up, then hopefully the HP saga will draw to a long overdue close and I will have a reliable laptop. From there on we will end our stay in the Algarve and move either back north through Spain or Portugal and into southern France, or, head down to Cadiz and Gibraltar before starting a similar return journey. Not fully decided yet.




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