13th April 2010 PlusNet, MY ACCOUNT IS ON HOLD!

13 04 2010

I am beginning to think that it is me.

Before we left on our travels on Christmas Eve 2009 we went through all of the necessary administration, letting our suppliers know that we were going away. One of our suppliers was PlusNet, they provided our broadband connection.

I made the phonecall to discuss what options I had as I no longer needed the broadband connection but wanted to retain our email addresses and my webspace which hosts my very basic website www.stevegreenphotography.com. I was delighted to hear from the chap on the other end of the phone that my account could be placed on hold for six months without any charges, the broadband would be cancelled and I would retain use of both the webspace and email addresses. Perfect.

As I have written previously they charged me my normal subscription in January so I contacted them and asked them to make sure it didn’t happen again, I was now in credit with them so I cancelled my direct debit to make sure that no more money was taken. Fast forward to February. I receive a text message from PlusNet saying that they couldn’t collect my direct debit and I should log on to my account or phone them. I had to phone as we didn’t have an internet connection at that time. I explained to the lady that my account was on hold and that they should not be requesting money anyway. She said that she would put a note on the account and that it wouldn’t happen again. But, as expected, in March I get another text message saying that they couldn’t collect my subscription. Luckily at this time I had an internet connection so I logged on to my account and raised a question to the support team again explaining that my account was both in credit and on hold for six months and that this was the fourth time that this had been communicated. I requested that they didn’t send me any more text messages about this and that it was sorted out. I received a reply back confirming that my account was on hold and that I was in credit with them. At last, sorted, or so you would think.

Today I received another text message from them saying that they couldn’t collect my subscription.

It really makes me wonder what you have to do to get through to some companies. They must spend millions on training, wages, call centres etc but they never seem to be able to do what their function is, customer service. The trouble is I think, that everything these days is done by computer and any human intervention is simply ignored as it doesn’t fit ‘the program’.

I’ll contact them again this month and tell them for the fifth time about my account being on hold, no doubt I will get a reply saying that it is sorted and no doubt I shall get another text message in May to say my subscription cant be collected. Ridiculous!

Whilst I am on a roll. I tried the hotel where a few weeks ago my hard drive should have been delivered and they still hadn’t received it. Final and clinching proof I think that it actually didn’t get sent out at all. Today I checked my email and I was sent a confirmation from HP Portugal on the 8th April saying that the order for my hard drive has been placed and I should receive it at the campsite we were stopping on, specifically to receive the part, in 2-3 business days. I’m writing this at 4.40pm on the 3rd business day, has it arrived yet? Has it hell!

Another email sent on Friday 9th, said they would provide a tracking number when they have it, I have had nothing since so I doubt it will be arriving anytime soon. Just how hard can it be? Put a hard drive in a box, put the address on it, arrange express delivery via UPS, job done, customer happy. It’s just astounding that it can be messed up with such regularity, i’m afraid that HP continue to take the piss with their laughable customer service.




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