12th April 2010 An attempt to park in Albufeira

12 04 2010

It was much cooler today, when I got up at 9.30 to take Jack for a good walk the skies were covered by a thin mist of cloud which held the temperatures down a touch and made my 45 minute walk very pleasant. I headed out of the campsite and walked on the road toward Albufeira, turning off and walking through the town of Pera before getting back on the main road and back ‘home’. Lorna was up when I returned so we decided to make the short drive into Albufeira to have a look around. Our first destination was at the marina which was surrounded by lots of very brightly coloured houses but this appeared to be way out of the town centre so we didn’t bother stopping there and made our way further into the main part of the town.

I didn’t realise just how much of a sprawl Albufeira was. I followed the signs to the centre but didn’t really seem to ever reach it and there was a distict lack of parking spaces that we could get into, not due to our width but definitely to do with our height as most of the parking seemed to be underground. After about half an hour of driving around, navigating the tight and busy streets that led to the beached and finding invariably that we just had to turn around we gave up and headed out of town. The place didn’t seem to hold much interest for us anyway and the proliferation of ‘English’ bars with names like ‘Little Britain’ and ‘The Football Bar’ put us right off. When I described it at ‘Blackpoolesque’ in a previous post I wasn’t far wrong. Some people like that kind of thing, we don’t, each to their own I guess.

Heading out of town we happened upon a pet shop so we stopped and went in to get Jack a decent leather collar. Both of the ladies behind the counter were English so we spent a good while chatting with them before coming out with both a nice thick leather collar and a harness for when we are travelling, apparently it’s law in Portugal for dogs to be secured whilst in a moving vehicle so now we are legal. Strangely enough, both the collar and the harness were imported from a company based in Broseley, Shropshire, about 15 minutes from our house in the UK. We came a long way to get them!

After this bit of shopping we then went to two supermarkets, the Modelo and the Lidl to stock up on various bits and pieces. The fact that we were in a very touristy place was evident in the prices. The cartons of wine that are €0.55 at every other Lidl we have been to were €0.74 here, a fairly hefty percentage increase, still cheap though.

We then headed back to the campsite and luckily I spotted a service station that sold GPL (on the road from Pera to Albufeira) and so I turned around and filled up our fast becoming empty gas bottles. Good job done. Back at the campsite I checked to see if my hard drive had arrived which it hadn’t and so we returned to our pitch and got settled back in. Minutes later we met Neil (from clubmotorhome.co.uk) and his wife Caroline and spent an hour or so chatting and drinking beer before I took Jack for his final walk of the day.

We spent the evening round at Neil and Carolines motorhome, with barbequed meat, plenty of salad, good company and decent wine. We eventually rolled into bed at around 12.30.




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21 05 2010

You have been in the ‘new’ town Albufeira. Next time visit the old town Albufeira and you will enjoy it !

21 05 2010
Steve Green

We will definitely try to have a look at the old town next time we are there then, cheers.

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