10th April 2010 Static on the Campsite

10 04 2010

I mentioned yesterday that whilst we were in Vilamoura, Jack seemed happy to lie down at every given opportunity, well now we know why.

Last night I was up four times with him wanting to go out and release his ever loosening bowels, something was not right with the poor chap. So, instead of our planned trip to look around the ‘Blackpoolesque’ Albufeira we hung around the campsite, worried that Jack was not drinking much, we decided that a day without food would help but he didn’t seem to want liquids either.

We showered, filled our water, emptied our waste and generally pottered about. I had a short bike ride up to the Aldi to buy some chicken and as they didn’t have chillies I also visited two small supermarkets in the small town of Alcantarilha and was helped by a nice gentleman who spoke little English, when I said ‘picante’ however he grasped what I was looking for and lead me toward the Piri Piri seasoning, good enough I thought so I bought some Piri Piri chillies and a bottle of seasoning, much like Tabasco I think. That went to marinade the chicken breast I had bought.

Later in the afternoon we played Scrabble whilst having a few drinks, Lorna vodka and tonic and me the cheap German pilsner from Aldi, this was interspersed with a phonecall from my mom who had just returned from north west France where she holidayed with my sister and her family. Later we had a wonderfully spicy curry with rice for our evening meal.

Jack remained calm and slightly withdrawn throughout the day, hopefully he will be better tomorrow.




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