9th April 2010 A Day Trip to Vilamoura

9 04 2010

After a bit of a marathon game of Scrabble that went on into the early hours of this morning we didn’t even wake up until 10am, it was obviously going to be another stunning day too as the temperatures were steadily increasing and the small amount of cloud in the sky fast disappearing.

The result of a long game of Scrabble

We had already made the decision top stop on the campsite for the weekend for two reasons: a/ we had made arrangements to meet Neil and his wife on the site on Monday (Neil features my blog on his website, ClubMotorhome.co.uk) and b/ my replacement hard drive should arrive on Monday or Tuesday (yes, again!). And so we were now treating the campsite as a base for the next few days and our first trip was into Vilamoura.

I had been to Vilamoura numerous times in the past number of years, initially holidaying there with family and in later years playing golf with friends. I have always really liked the area, especially around the marina, and so I wanted to take Lorna around for a look.

We arrived in Vilamoura at about 12.30 and parked in the main car park right in the centre of the town, this was after missing the turning on our first journey around the one-way system that runs all around the place. Lorna wasn’t feeling her best today so the visit was going to be a fairly short one. We headed straight for the marina, through the back of the town which I remembered from previous visits and spent a while wandering around the marina, looking at the massive sleek yachts moored there, the busy restaurants and the fish in the clear blue waters. I managed to hook up to an unsecured wi-fi network to upload the latest blog posts and to download some emails but I didn’t hang around long enough to reply to any (sorry about that).

Vilamoura Marina

After a while it was apparent that Jack was getting too hot, lying down at any opportunity, and Lorna was suffering a bit so we started to head back to the motorhome. On the way back around the one-way system we passed The Caddyshack bar, one that I had frequented in previous visits. The place had doubled in size from when I was last there and had transformed from a small, slightly unkempt bar to a huge, well presented eatery. Well I couldn’t resist it so I convinced Lorna that what she needed was a nice pint of Guinness along with burger and chips, she gave in rather too easily and in minutes we were sat outside, Jack tied to the convenient railings, food and drinks ordered. The food was excellent, a proper beefburger with real bacon (which seems something of a rarity in supermarkets for some reason) a nice crisp salad and decent chips, much better than we would have had at a McDonalds and roughly the same price.

We were soon back in the motorhome and heading back via a supermarket to get some chicken for tonights meal. That job done we pulled up back at the campsite, reclaimed our spot, set everything back up (awning, electricity, mats etc) and watched our neighbours finalise their packing up. When we arrived initially the neighbours, in a caravan and a big safari room (read tent) had it all laid out, windbreaks all the way around their pitch, flowers in pots and even a wooden garden gate. We sat amazed yesterday as the garden gate came down and was stored away in the caravan. Slowly over the last two days their homely pitch has reduced in size until finally today nothing was left and the caravan was finally hooked onto the back of their car and they left, six months they had been on site here apparently.

For the remainder of the day we relaxed, cooked our chicken outside (in a lovely marinade) and spent the rest of the night reading before retiring to bed much earlier than the last two nights.




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