7th April 2010 Camping Canelas – Armacao de Pera

8 04 2010

We had a very busy day today, a day of chores that needed to be done.

We both got up at around 10am and started straight away, the first loads of washing were put in the machines and whilst they were doing I took Jack on a good walk into the town of Alcantarilha, a small place with some very picturesque back streets. I was hoping to find an open wi-fi point so I could check emails for any update on the hard drive situation, but walking all through the town gave me nothing. By the time I had returned to the camping ground, Lorna was already hanging out the first three loads of washing.

Alcantarilha Roof Detail

Lunch was my job today so after a quick visit to the campsite shop and the washing machines we had a very tasty ham, egg and chips after which the next loads of washing were ready for removal and hanging. The great thing about being in this kind of heat is how quickly things dry, the jeans washed earlier were already ready for folding at this point. I decided at this point that the motorhome needed a good tidy out as well so the carpets were removed, floors wiped and even the mattress came out and was vacuumed (vacuum courtesy of a Dutch couple close by) before the bed was re-made with freshly washed sheets.

Another walk for Jack followed this and then after the final washing was dried and put away Lorna made some of her excellent tomato soup whilst I edited a few photos on my ‘still working at the moment’ laptop. I was disappointed in how many photos I had taken, I think the very fact that I couldn’t do anything with them immediately has dampened my spirit as far as photography has been concerned, we have been hanging round a bit recently too, not visiting many new places so that’s another factor I guess.

In the evening, we had a bit of a Terminator fest watching both 1&2 back to back before going to bed early in the morning, again.




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