6th April 2010 Silves to Amarcao de Pera

7 04 2010

After a good nights sleep I was up and about at 8.30am taking Jack for a walk before the real heat of the day started. We knew we were moving on today but we really didn’t know where or when. Diane and Graham called round to say that they were off today too, but, like us were not really sure when, no rush for either of us. We were looking at going to a campsite as we really needed to get some washing done but which one was the question, we certainly didn’t want to return to cat city and the scene of Jacks latest kill.

We pondered for a while before Lorna decided that she was going to have a swim in the pools whose car parks we were staying on, only fair really as they have provided us with free stop overs with internet access on quite a few occasions during our time in the Algarve.

Just before lunch we waved off Graham and Diane, promising to keep in touch and hoping to meet up again as we pass through France on our way back. As we were doing this I had a phonecall from another contact to say that they had just entered Portugal and that we should arrange to meet up……..excellent!

We decided that we needed some lunch so we walked into Silves town for the last time, finding a nice place to eat was easy and as Jack lay on the floor beside our patio table I tucked into my first chicken piri-piri (which was actually disappointingly mild) whilst Lorna had the mixed fish (mackrel, sardines and cod). I finished off with a stupendous piece of chocolate cake but Lorna just had coffee. A fitting end to our time in Silves, still my favorite place to be.

We decided to head for Armacao de Pera as we knew of another campsite there that was likely to be cat free, this had been recommended by a visitor to cat city just after the Jack incident. So after a short trip to Lidl to stock up on drinking water and a few other essentials we headed for our next destination. I haven’t mentioned that the hard drive had still not arrived at the hotel in Porches, so contact was made with HP Portugal to chase it up, this being the case we needed to stay reasonably local.

The campsite we chose was in between Armacao de Pera and Albufeira, Camping Canelas, a very nice looking site with all the facilities you could wish for (except wi-fi actually) so we pulled in and Lorna booked us in.,€10.50 a night including electricity. We soon found a good spot to park and quickly had the levelling blocks in place, the water tanks filled and the awning out. I then went for a shower and they were both hot and powerful. After this Jack was walked (we only saw three cats so it’s not ideal but a damn sight better than the previous site) and we settled in for the evening as the light disappeared.

As we had electricity I thought I would give my laptop a chance to redeem itself and after nearly an hour of spluttering and ‘fixing’ it fired into life, I wasted no time in connecting up my new external hard drive and swiftly starting the backup process, actually I’m writing this whilst I am still doing it at nearly 1.30am, hardly a swift job but now I have all of my photos backed up and my music. I was unsure as to whether I should use the Windiows backup feature as I shall effectively be backing up in Windows 7 and restoring into Windows Vista. I may well do it anyway as I have enough storage, a job for tomorrow maybe.

Happy days!




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