2nd April 2010 Boca do Rio to Sagres

3 04 2010

We were half and half about whether we should move on today or not. We had a concern that so many more motorhomes had arrived that there was not much parking space left for the local Portuguese who might want to visit their local beauty spot over the weekend, that didn’t seem fair to us. The other factor that made us decide to move was that we needed to empty our toilet cassette.

Whilst we were getting ready to move off I saw a few men converging on a small motorhome that had become stuck in some loose sand so I went over to lend a hand, smirking at Bernd who was also there as he had seen our unfortunate position in the car park close to Bordeira a few days earlier. The chap who was stuck amused me as he spent his time directing people, even getting someone else to drive his van out whilst he filmed the whole episode on his video camera. Van freed we said our goodbyes to Bernd, Martina, Graham and Diane before we left the site. Graham and Diane left before us, also headed toward Sagres and kindly let us know the parking situation before we headed there.

On our way to Sagres we stopped off at an old ‘washroom’ just off the main road and whilst Lorna hand washed some clothes in the traditional method I filled up our water tank using a watering can which took ages.

We arrived in Sagres and had a drive through the main town area before spotting a local market that was just about shutting down for the day, we had a wander round looking for some fruit but none was available so we headed off to the fort car park. Once there we did the necessary with the toilet and caught up with Graham and Diane, after which we walked back into the main town to get some money out before heading down to the port, a very pretty area with windsurfers carving their way across the sea just outside the confines of the port walls.

Sagres harbour

Later that afternoon Graham and Diane came round for pre-dinner G&T’s and then we spent a quiet night eating hot dogs and reading.




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3 04 2010
Paul Lindsey-Jones

Hi Steve,
I picked up a twitter you had sent.. (via tweetdeck set on Algarve) & spotted that you were in Boca.. just up the road from me in Burgau… Please follow the link… as Boca has some fantastic history..


ps also a photographer and from Wolverhampton, lived in Portugal about 6+ years..
Best wishes

3 04 2010
Steve Green

Thanks for the link Paul, very interesting, we saw the fort on the hill but didn’t manage the climb up there, electing instead to walk to Salema. Lovely place indeed. Thanks again for the information.

3 04 2010
andy bubble

will you two please just stop chilling out so much……. ( sorry three! ). Glad to hear that jack has overcome his fear of deep water by the way…. lots of love.. by the way, incase you hadn’t heard, there has been more snow in the uk. kelllie and freddie went surfing with aunty jackie and had a thoroughly chilly time…. happy easter to you all..

4 04 2010
David Turner

Hi Steve and Lorna – reading your blog has meant I’ve worked my way through a large glass of rum and I’d intended to go to bed half an hour ago. Great to catch up with all your news and, as andy bubble says, please stop chilling out so much! It sounds as though you’ve sliped into a bit of a routine….but I’m glad you’ve finished the alcohol-free beer.

11 04 2010

Wow – the blue of that sea really pops! *jealous*

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