31st March 2010 Boca do Rio

1 04 2010

It wasn’t a fantastically hot day today but the temperature was ideal for a nice walk, so we decided to follow the cliff top path to the little town of Salema just along the coast. We set off and were soon on top of the cliffs overlooking the sea with the smell of the many herbs that grow wild on the area filling our senses with some beautiful odours. We made it into the town in about 45 minutes and after a short walk around stopped at one of the cafes for a cup of coffee. We walked back along the road and when we were nearly back we were passed by the German couple we had met at Bordeira, waving madly from their motorhome as they went by. They stopped and asked which way it was to where we were parked so we directed them and carried on, watching from above as they slowly negotiated the potholed road that led there. On our way back down the cliff path we passed by a British motorhome and the owner came out to say hello, I had a quick chat whilst Lorna walked back along the rocky beach and later on I returned to them with our map to give them some recommendations as to where they could stop as they were heading North.

The skies had cleared somewhat by this time and it was very pleasant to be sat outside reading, relaxing and watching people come and go. A French motorhome pulled up close to us and the man came straight over, he was English, and asking about water and cassette emptying so we gave him all the information we had. Shortly after, our German friends walked past so we invited them round for a drink later on that evening.

Boca de Rio

One thing that is becoming a constant source of amusement for me is the way that one nationality of motorhomers complains about the other. We have heard from many British that they get annoyed at both the Germans and the Dutch for the way that they park and don’t care about blocking other peoples views. It would seem that the complaining is not limited to just the British though. Yesterday we had a British motorhome parked behind us and a French one parked next to us, this morning the British couple left and by the time we had returned from our walk a Dutch couple had parked in the same place. Not long after a small German VW van which had been parked closer to the sea and infront of the British left and the Dutch couple wasted no time in moving forward. No problem. The French couple had already moved on so to our right (toward the sea) there was a big gap between us and a big German motorhome that was parked right next to the beach. We got chatting to the Dutch couple who had just moved forward, a very interesting man who appeared to have travelled around the entire world, when a German motorhome pulled up an reversed into the space next to us. This action clearly upset the Dutch man who was saying to us that we should tell them to move as they were blocking some of our view, in fact we had to strongly discouage him from doing this for us. He then proceeded to moan on and on about the way Germans parked, not caring who they are close to as long as they get a better view (he did mention that he had been held in a PoW camp in 1944 so I suppose he had a slight grudge to bear). I pointed out to him that there was a motorhome there when we arrived so it really wasn’t a problem, plus the main fact of course that we were all parked for free. This didn’t seem to calm him down but I think he eventually saw that we were actually quite relaxed about it and gave up the fight. I didn’t tell him that we had invited another German couple around for drinks that evening as I feared he might have a seizure.

After the excitement of the afternoon we had a late lunch and a tidy up waiting for Bernd and Martina to arrive. As we were waiting the British couple in the French van came over and invited us to have a drink with them. We explained that we had another couple coming over and so they were invited too. It wasn’t long before all six of us were sat in our motorhome having a really good and enjoyable night. I chatted to Graham about blogging after he told me about a blog he runs concentrating on blues music, South Of France Blues, whilst Lorna and Diane were entertained by a very lively Bernd. We really do meet some wonderful people on our way.




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