1st April 2010 Boca do Rio

1 04 2010

I think that since we decided that we are not going to tackle the ‘Costas’ of Spain we have relaxed somewhat about making distance and actually doing the ‘travelling’ part of our journey has taken a bit of a back seat. It’s probably a combination of facts; that I have to wait around in the Algarve for my hard drive to arrive, that we are no longer on a tight schedule, that where we are at the moment is so beautiful and that we are really enjoying our time being ‘on holiday’. Certainly it has seemed as though we have been on holiday for well over a week now, not going very far, frequenting beaches, going for walks and enjoying a coffee and meeting up with friends. Maybe being on the Algarve in the sunny weather has had this effect on us, maybe it’s because Easter is coming up, maybe even it’s because we are so very relaxed at this time.

Whatever the reason, we are currently enjoying some real ‘time out’ so the blog won’t have a great deal of content on our driving and destinations. We have to revisit Sagres in the next day or two to empty out the cassettes and after that we may venture back into Silves or we may simply come back to Boca do Rio where today a good number of motorhomes have turned up.

As we needed some meat for our dinner I went on a bike ride today, intending to cycle to Luz, just east from us, to find a supermarket but after a ride of about 2km I came across the Ecomarche that we have used for our most recent shopping trips. I didn’t realise that we were so near to it so the intended ride of around 14km was severely reduced. I didn’t mind though as it turned out to be a very hot day, and even I had put sun cream on my arms to ensure that I didn’t get burned whilst out and cycling any great distance in the heat maybe wasn’t my best idea, especially as I don’t cycle much. The afternoon was spent reading a book, The Church of Dead Girls by Stephen Dobyns, which fell very short of the rave recommendations on the front cover unfortunately, it was a charity shop purchase so nothing lost.

It was nearly 7pm before Lorna started cooking our dinner of steak with pasta (with a concoction of garlic, mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes making up a sauce) which was most excellent. Later in the evening we repeated last nights company, drinking wine and chatting in Graham and Dianes motorhome, another highly enjoyable evening!




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