30th March 2010 Bordeira to Boca do Rio

30 03 2010

We woke up right next to the beach in Bordeira, the sun beating down on us and a slight breeze reducing the temperature a touch. I had a quick compare of notes with the German chap who we had next to us before we got ready to move off. We were not planning to go far as I didn’t particularly feel like doing a lot of driving so we started to get ready, gas off, drawers and fridge secure, table empty and levellers in the hold when a British couple pulled onto the car park. We had a long chat with them about stop off points, availability of water and facilities and ended up with a good choice of places to go that were quite close. Jack needed some more food and us a small stock up of supplies (washing up liquid) so as soon as we set off we headed to the Ecomarche about 10km away. The British couple had told us about a water tap in the cemetery just above the supermarket so as soon as the shopping was done we investigated the location and found the water supply. We drove up and filled up with water without any problems and then headed off to have a look at some of the suggestions that were given to us.

First port of call was a small beach called Ingrina Praia (N37•02.763 W008•52.873), just east of Sagres which was accessed by a narrow country lane which took us through fields and past isolated houses before reaching the small cove with an amazing little beach. Parking there was all above the beach looking over the sea but there were obviously a lot there who had been there for a while as all of the most accessible places were taken. We moved on, rejoining the N125 and turning off toward Salema just a few kilometres up the coast. Narrowly avoiding colliding with two speeding coaches we soon reached the small resort which had a little port, some shops, restaurants (including an Indian takeaway) and cafes. It was a lovely little town but parking was scarce so we moved on again to Boca do Rio situated mid-way between Sagres and Lagos. This was a beautifully isolated spot with a few motorhomes parked up, right next to a rocky beach where the waves crashed in right in front of the small car park. Perfect location (N37•03.992 W008•48.526).

We parked the motorhome, levelled it up and had a natter with a British couple who had sold their home in the UK and now live full time in their motorhome before I cooked sausages and pasta for a late lunch. We then spent the afternoon watching people coming and going, relaxing by the sea and basically chilling out in a stunning location.

View to the parking spot at Boca de Rio

Later on in the evening I took Jack for a walk over the cliffs heading west and we ended up very high with a magnificent view of the town of Salema and the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean out to the horizon. We went to sleep that night with the sound of waves crashing against the rocky beach, something we are getting quite used to but it is still just as relaxing as the first time.




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