28th March 2010 Sagres

29 03 2010

It was obvioulsy going to be another hot one today as even going outside first thing with Jack I could feel the power of the sun. We lost an hour of the day straight away and though we rose at a reasonable hour it was mid-day (new time) before we got out for a walk around the fort, free entry on Sunday before 2pm.

The Rocky Landscape of Sagres

The landscape was very rocky once we were over the confines of the fort with the odd building dotted about including a small cinema playing a repeating film, a lighthouse, a small chapel and the usual shop.

The cinema building inside the fort

The views over the steep cliffs along the coast were wonderful and Portuguese fishermen diced with certain death by standing on small outcrops and casting their lines into the sea below.

We returned to the motorhome and spent a relaxing afternoon Reading, looking at maps and eventually we took Jack for another walk down to the beach not far from us, me annoyed that I didn’t take my camera as the moon was full and high in the air which was a deep blue as the sun began to set on the other side of the coast.

Portuguese TV was sampled again that night, we caught an episode of the Simpsons and a weather report that told us that we should expect rain tomorrow.




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